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Measurement Uncertainty

is designed for the practitioner in the laboratory who determines the results and whose task is a statement about the measurement uncertainty. Specific mathematic knowledge is not required.

It shall be shown, that:

  1. a calculation is possible and meaningful
  2. an expert estimation of the measurement uncertainty is possible and meaningful


Additionally computation models of current test standards will become represented step for step and all methods will be discussed on the basis examples from laboratory practice. Priority is given to a pragmatic, practice-oriented approach. Detailed mathematical derivatives are kept disregarded. Concrete work tools are presented.

The Workshop documents contain all relevant mathematical steps with example calculations.The emphasis of the second Workshop day lies in the independent conversion of the models shown in the individual laboratory situation.

Measurement Uncertainty Part 1


  • Basics
  • Measurement uncertainty- Result uncertainty
  • The major steps for estimantion
  • Common agreements
  • Elements of measurement uncertainty


Measurement Uncertainty Part 2


  • Use of reference materials
  • Results of profiency tests
  • Procedure for estimation
  • Carpy Impact test
  • Tensile test
  • Hardness testing
The next


20.-21. September 2018



Westfälische Hochschule
in Recklinghausen

August-Schmidt-Ring 10
D-45665 Recklinghausen

Please note:

The number of participants is limited.
The limitation shall guarantee that individual questions of the participants are answered satisfactorily.

Participation fee for the Workshops including Workshop-documents, lunch and refreshments.

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